Fill the Silence with Your Sound

Last month, we talked about the active noise control technology in new Lincoln vehicles.

What is silence, but a blank canvas for perfect sound?

Kevin Voecks is a sound specialist for Revel. He's been working with Lincoln to develop our most advanced sound system yet: Revel Ultima.

The Revel Ultima package features 19 speakers-- but it's not all about the sheer number. It's about quality, and Revel Ultima is the audiophile's dream.

Voecks helped innovate an entirely new mathematical approach to speaker placement. Using point-source architecture, the speakers are placed such that every aural detail reaches your ear at precisely the right time, weaving a seamless musical fabric.

Speakers were redesigned to remove all weak-links.

Waveguides are exposed, to minimize diffraction.

That's just the hardware side-- inside Revel Ultima is Clari-Fi software, which restores dimension to compressed sound files. With Clari-Fi, your iPod could sound as good as vinyl.

Visit Star Lincoln to take the new Lincoln MKX with Revel Audio for a test drive, and be sure to turn the radio up.

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