Wholly Lincoln

Ken Hasset knows community and customer service. The baker opened "Wholy Grain" in Boston about five years ago, and it's become a well-loved facet of the neighborhood. The Lincoln team got to stop by and savor some of Ken's treats during a Lincoln MKX road trip, a visit that resulted in a "Lincoln Now" article that gives readers a glimpse into Ken's world.

"Ken’s clearly got the food part of the equation down," the piece reads, "so he dedicates the remainder of his effort to the social aspect of the business. He loves engaging with his customers....He’s starting to get to the point where he knows what certain people want as soon as they walk through the door." Access the full article below.

The care Ken puts into his servicing his customers aligns with what Lincoln and our team here at Star Lincoln, located at 24350 W 12 Mile Rd. in Southfield, value. If you come in to test drive a new MKX or any other model, we can promise that our attentive staff will take good care of you. Come by and see us today.

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