Seasonal Sensations

Yet another interesting article is up on the Lincoln Now site. It's called "Flavor of the Week," and it's about Scott Evans. Scott has established four restaurants in the Salt Lake City area: Hub & Spoke, the East Liberty Tap House, Finca, and Pago. It's that last one, the newest one, that gets the most attention in the Lincoln Now piece, in part because of its focus on farm-to-table focus.

“In general," says Scott, "most restaurants keep the menu the same year-round and, in Utah, no one was changing their menus to the season. It would be garnishes here and there, but there wasn’t a single restaurant that was writing the menu to the products—and that’s what we did at Pago.” Who's hungry!?

At Star Lincoln, located at 24350 W 12 Mile Rd. in Southfield, we have a lot-to-road focus. So come check out our new Lincoln inventory and take your favorite model out for a ride.

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