The Psychology Behind the Revel Ultima Sound System

You would be hard-pressed to find a sound system of higher quality, lower diffraction and distortion, and more live-quality acoustics than the Revel Ultima 19-speaker sound system.

Yet, why is quality audio important?

Even the casual listener benefits from having music on in the background. Science has shown that music affects the brain in all sorts of ways. Songs with a strong beat, for instance, can increase focus, elevate our heart-rate, and even make us better at sports!

Music can release feel-good chemicals in our brains, like serotonin, for a natural high.

Songs can imprint themselves on our memories and transport us back to another time and place -- a well-known phenomenon that some have taken advantage of in treating Alzheimer's.

Music is incredible, and so important to our emotional health, and our cultural history as human beings.

So really, why wouldn't you want the best speakers to listen to it?

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