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Lincoln MKC vs Acura RDX


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24350 W 12 Mile Rd.
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Compared to Lincoln, Acura is fairly new at producing luxury vehicles - while Lincoln has nearly 100 years of experience, Acura didn't get started until 1986. It shows as well in the products, with Lincoln continuing to provide refined, luxurious products, while Acura keeps working to find a good foothold.

Acura claims that their SUV division provides some of the best luxury crossover SUVs on the road, and you'll certainly see plenty on the road. The Lincoln MKC would beg to differ though, and brings plenty to the table to offer. So can the RDX match wits with the MKC when it comes to the major factors such as versatility and luxury?

When You Need to Tow

Sometimes you need a little extra power to haul along your equipment - maybe you want to take a boat to the lake, some dirt bikes or quads out for adventure, or a pop-up trailer to the campsite. If you opt for the Acura RDX, you'll have to watch your weight, as it can only tow 1,500 pounds behind it when properly equipped. The Lincoln MKC on the other hand can tow up to 3,000 pounds when equipped with the Class II Trailer Tow package.


This comes thanks to the available 2.3-liter turbocharged engine underneath the hood of the Lincoln MKC. By providing 305 lb-ft of torque, versus the 252 lb-ft found in the RDX, it offers gutsier performance that more capable and versatile. It is enough to give the driver plenty of confidence, whether you are tackling the city streets with a load of passengers or the open highway with a trailer in tow.

Convenience is Key

A major selling point of a luxury brand is that it provides you conveniences above and beyond entry-level brands. With the Acura RDX, you only get those conveniences on the highest trim level, if you get them at all. This includes a power-adjustable tilt and telescoping steering column, a cargo cover for your gear, an available heated steering wheel, and much more.


One of the most unique features that sets the Lincoln MKC apart from the Acura RDX and the rest of the luxury compact crossover crowd is the available hands-free power liftgate. While many crossovers offer power liftgates that open and close with the press of a button, a feature that is standard on the MKC, only the MKC can offer one that opens with a wave of the foot underneath the rear bumper. No more balancing loads on the bumper or having to set them down while searching for your keyfob - just approach with the keyfob in your purse or pocket, wave your foot underneath, and the cargo hold will open with ease.

You Deserve Luxury

When you pay for luxury, you most certainly deserve to get what you pay for. In the case of the Lincoln MKC, it's impossible to miss, from the materials, to the craftsmanship, to the intelligent and easy to use technology.

The Acura RDX certainly offers quantity, with an available dual-screen infotainment and technology interface. The problem is that both the base and the dual-screen systems can be distracting, unintuitive, and sometimes a bit slow. At the center of the Lincoln MKC is the SYNC 3 system, one of the most impressive systems on the market and one that has been heralded by critics as one of the most intuitive and versatile technology interfaces on any vehicle.


The materials used throughout the cabins of the two vehicles are noticeably different. While the Acura RDX is clad in plastics, with some soft-touch surfaces thrown in, the Lincoln MKC offers wood trims, supple upholstery, and well-fitted soft-touch pieces. While the steering wheel of the Acura RDX is bland, and seems like it was pulled straight out of its CR-V sibling, the steering wheel in the MKC seems like it was made specifically for the vehicle, classy and sophisticated. Luxury is something you should be able to see and feel in all facets, not something you need to search for.


"Sharing a platform with the Ford Escape, the 5-passenger MKC features unique interior/exterior styling as well as a wide spectrum of Lincoln-specific mechanical and feature upgrades that endow it with elevated levels of refinement and performance." - Kelley Blue Book


"The big change in the cabin cannot, sadly, be called an improvement. It's the addition of the Honda/Acura dual-screen system, and while it gives the interior a techy vibe, the user experience is convoluted and unintuitive." AutoBlog

Soaring Style

On the outside, the Acura offers an odd combination of attempted sportiness tacked on to the base of a Honda CR-V. The "beak" grille is highly divisive, and there's very little in the way of luxury in the design. It is generic, lacking in character. For the Lincoln MKC, it all starts with the winged grille that flows out to the headlights, and into the character lines that highlight the body. The front fascia itself is upright and regal, instead of the confusing, rounded front end of the Acura. 


Every Lincoln MKC also features the Lincoln walk-up experience, including Approach Detection with fade-on exterior lighting and fade-up interior ambient lighting. These don't just add a touch of luxury and personality, they also add a touch of safety - you can see if anyone is in the vicinity of your vehicle.

Style may come down to the individual, but side by side, it is clear which of the two has put extra effort into creating a smart, evergreen design.

Always By Your Side

Having a car maker that will be there by your side for the time you own your car is a big part of the equation as well. Both the Lincoln MKC and Acura RDX come with similar basic, drivetrain, and corrosion warranties. The Lincoln MKC goes the extra mile though, with roadside assistance for 6 years and 70,000 miles, while the RDX only provides it for 4 years and 50,000 miles. It also offers a 2-year, 24,000 worry-free maintenance warranty, while the RDX offers no maintenance program at all.

The Acura RDX is a valiant attempt at a luxury crossover SUV, but in the end, the experience of Lincoln's engineers and designers shines through in creating a cohesive, enjoyable package.